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Sound Ideas #50 - Thought About Thinking
Welcome to an hour that travels to points past and present and circles back home.
Artist Track Album
The Jazz Crusaders Close Shave Heat Wave
Joe Jackson Tuxedo Junction Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive
John Pizzarelli Avalon Our Love Is Here to Stay
Jazz Passengers Doncha Go 'Way Mad Individually Twisted
Charles Earland Heaven Third Degree Burn
Kenny Garrett and Miles Davis Big Ol' Head Prisoner of Love
Larry Carlton Last Nite Last Nite
Kenny Drew Trio When You Wish Upon a Star Kenny Drew Trio
Kevin Eubanks Thought About Thinking Opening NIght
The Jazz Crusaders That's It Freedom Sound

Thematically speaking, sometimes a collection of art just doesn't have a theme, yet it all holds together. That's this hour's adventure. We will delve into classic compositions of the 1930s revisited decades later, get down with some funky riffs and fusion, pass back through the distant and near past again, and circle back to soul jazz tinged hard bop. Buckle up and open your ears...hear we go.

We begin with a heavy dose of funky soul jazz meets hard bop with the Jazz Crusaders, from a period of their output that is unforunately often overlooked. Next we revisit classic songs from the 1930s as interpreted by three artists that seemingly have little in common except for their love of the American Song Book. At the height of his new wave era recordings, Joe Jackson issued an album of jump blues and swing that may have passed by many. John Pizzatelli is the consumate Jazz guitarist and singer that masterfully covers this era with a fresh perspective. The Jazz Passengers are hardly just along for the ride, but the group's members might surprise some. Nevertheless, we witness again the staying power of the American Song Book, and its fertile ground for improvisation.

In our third set we spin through some funky tracks from the 1980s that fuse the rhythmic feel and instrumentation of more popular genres but also illustrate that the essence of jazz, improvisation and muscianship can thrive in most any setting. Of particlar note, is this is one of the few times ever where Miles Davis would be listed as a sideman.

Kenny Drew and trio deliver a timeless performance of a timeless tune and Kevin Eubanks provides some music for the mind. We end with another from the Jazz Crusaders with a title just pretty much says it all.

Jazz is a creative vehicle that rewards the listener (and player) commensurate with the effort expended. Listening to jazz in the background can be a pleasant enought experience, but when you actively listed to it, it's amazing what new experience can be had with each listening. All of the music in this episode is worthy of a deep listening, even if at first you are not sure just what to be listening for. The majority of artists in this episode had greater fame in more popular genres, yet when it comes time to cut their teeth and hone their craft, their choice of material speaks volumes.