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Sound Ideas #61 - Groovin' Along
Welcome to an hour focused on a Goldilocks' groove; not too fast, not too slow, but just right. Each of these tracks will get you there in the end, but just aren't as in as big of hurry as the world around us so often is. Stay tuned for some of the best groove masters extraordinaire.
Artist Track Album
The Clayton Brothers Blues for B. S. Jeff and John
Eddie Harris Mighty Like a Rose Mighty Like a Rose
Emir Deodato Carly and Carole 2001
Dexter Gordon The Backbone A Swingin' Affair
Clay Ryder Jazz Etiquette - Soloing pt I
(Sonny Clark - Voodoo)
(Horace Silver - Juicy Lucy)

Leapin' and Lopin'
Finger Poppin'
Ramsey Lewis Trio Country Meets the Blues Country Meets the Blues
The Jazz Crusaders Close Shave Heat Wave
Karrin Allyson West Coast Blues In Blue
The Clayton Brothers Tonight I Won't Be Singing No Blu Expressions