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Sound Ideas #68 - Autumn
Welcome to an hour focused on Autumn, the transition from the warm and bright summer to the cold and dark winter. Autumn is also a time of reflection and preparation for that which is yet to come. There is much about Autumn worthy of song, and that's what we’ll spend this hour discovering.
Artist Track Album
Woody Herman Early Autumn Keeper of the Flame
Joe Lovano Autumn in New York Joyous Encounter
Bill Evans Autumn Leaves Portrait in Jazz
Stan Kenton Two Shades of Autumn Back to Balboa
Clay Ryder Jazz Etiquette - Crap Jazzers
(Thelonious Monk: Blues Five Spot)

Thelonious in Action
Branford Marsalis A Thousand Autumns Requiem
Jacky Terrasson & Cassandra Wilson Autumn Leaves Rendezvous
Bob Dorough Tis Autumn Better than Everything