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Sound Ideas #96 - Relaxin' on a Summer Evening
With the change of the season often comes a change in the mood. After a hard day's work, the evening represents a change to relax a bit and contemplate the day's passing at a somewhat slower rate. In the summer, the waning of the day's warmth can also be found in the evening, where hot turns towards the soft and warm. In this hour, we will seek that softer and warmer solace while still maintaining that all important groove.
Artist Track Album
Azymuth Em Marica Partido Novo
Etienne Charles Roots Creole Soul
Freddie Hubbard To Her Ladyship Super Blue
Mimi Jones Suite Mary New Day
Jae Sinnett Whispering Souls Zero to 60
Andy Narell Hannibal's Revenge The Hammer
Eliane Elias Take Five Light My Fire
The Jazz Crusaders Tough Talk Chile Con Soul
Les McCann Ltd. Big Jim Les McCann Ltd. In San Francisco