Jazz with Bob Parlocha Archives

Bob Parlocha was a jazz radio institution. He began spinning disks for KJAZ-FM over four decades ago. After the demise of KJAZ, Bob began syndicating, Jazz with Bob Parlocha through the newly developed WFMT Jazz Network. This program fillled the late night airwaves in many cities across the USA. Jazz with Bob Parlocha continued that KJAZ feeling for twenty years until Bob's death in 2015. Ironically, it was not carried on KCSM, the de-facto KJAZ replacement, until several years after its debut.

Previously recorded, but unaired programs continued to be broadcast after Bob's death, supplemented by contributions from KCSM on-air staff until WFMT decided to launch Jazz Network (with Chicago-based announcers), which spelled the end of Jazz with Bob Parlocha.

Many thanks to Mark Rabin for his collection of Jazz with Bob Parlocha programs from 2015.

Kudos to Geoff Dunlop for his contribution of numerous programs from 2012 - 2016.