Jazz with Bob Parlocha

Bob Parlocha was a jazz radio institution. He began spinning disks for KJAZ-FM over four decades ago. After the demise of KJAZ, Bob began syndicating Jazz with Bob Parlocha that filled the late night airwaves in many cities across the USA. Ironically, it was not carried on KCSM, the de-facto KJAZ replacement, until several years after its debut.

October 31, 2017

The recording captured 3:00:00 of this morning's show from 12:00am - 3:00am.

Artist Track Album
Carrie Coltrane Creation Flamenco Sketches
Geo Colligan Water Babies Living For The City
Ulysses Owens Jr. Prototype Unanimous
Bobby Hutcherson Median Median
Harold Danko Criss Cross Unriched
Kate Mcgarry We Kiss In A Shadow Girl Talk
Bebop and Beyond Con Alma Plays Dizzy
Russell Malone Cedar Tree Black Butterfly
Brian Lynch Green Dolphin Street Meets Bill Charlap
Oliver Jones If I Were A Bell Have Fingers
Kenny Washington It's Alright With Me Long and Short Of It
Jimmy Heath Gemini Turn Up The Heath
Johnny Lytle Litle Sunflower Easy Easy
Dmitry Baevsky Gaslight The Composers
Maureen Choi In A Sentimantal Mood Quartet
Janice Borla Peace From Every Angle
Bruce Babad Desmond Blue Tribute Paul Desmond
Joe Cohn The Underdog Fuego
Herbie Mann Lady Bird Great Ideas
Ted Rosenthal How Long Out Of This World
Sophie Milman Speak Low In The Moonlight
Michael Benedict As Quiet As It's Kept Five and One

KCSM is located at the College of San Mateo. Although it operates with about 11,000 watts transmission power, reception can be challenging, especially in the South Bay. However, those who can achieve clear reception are able to tune in a very-high quality digital signal, as KCSM broadcasts in HD Radio. Thankfully with streaming media, over-the-air reception is no longer a limiting factor to listening. The Internet has definitely changed the nature of broadcasting; in this case, for the better.

KCSM is one of the very small number of 24-hour a day jazz radio stations remaining in North America. KCSM is also the trusted owner of the KJAZ library, the third largest recorded jazz collection in the world. Only the Library of Congress and Rutgers University can claim a more complete documented collection of recorded jazz.