Dick Conte: 50 Years in Broadcasting

There are few people still with us who are truly legends in jazz radio. Dick Conte is without a doubt one of those few. This show featured Dick along with Alisa Clancy and Kathleen Lawton as they spun disks, talked about Dick's career, and played an episode of Desert Island Jazz from 2000.

September 15, 2012

Featured Guests: Alisa Clancy and Kathleen Lawton
The recording captured 3:33:03 of this afternoon's show from 2:00pm - 6:10pm. It is broken into two parts:

  •  Part I is 1:59:11 in length
  •  Part II is 1:33:52 in length

A fund drive was taking place during the show. Portions of the fund drive that were not unique to the celebration were edited.

Artist Track Album
Dick Conte Part I Desert Island Jazz
Dick Conte Sweet Georgia Bright Slow Hot Wind
Dick Conte All of You Autumn Leaves
Dick Conte Part II Desert Island Jazz
Dick Conte Slow Hot Wind Slow Hot Wind
Dick Conte Part III Desert Island Jazz
Joe Henderson Felicidade Double Rainbow
Joe Henderson No More Blues Double Rainbow
Dick Conte Softly as in a Morning Sunrise Slow Hot Wind
Dick Conte Sweet and Lovely Autumn Leaves
Bill Evans Gone with the Wind Live at Art D'Lugoff's top of the Gate
Bill Evans Woody 'n You The Best of Bill Evans

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